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Business is an intellectual sport and we're here to teach you the rules. Hear Dan share the secrets of fast-growth businesses. Whether it's hiring employees, generating more revenue, buying and selling businesses or just making more money and having more quality time then the Business Growth Podcast will show you the way.
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May 8, 2017

This week Dan Bradbury interviews Topher Morrison.

Topher is an author, speaker, trainer, and communications expert. He is the managing director of Key Person of Influence USA and his speaking schedule, over 25 years, has taken him all over the globe teaching business leaders to present and pitch with more power and persuasion.


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May 1, 2017


Dan Bradbury interviews marketing genius Jay Abraham about how to scale and boost the value of businesses as well as exploring Jay's philosophies of growth. 

This is a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion that will reward repeat listening. 

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Apr 25, 2017

In this episode, Dan Bradbury interviews serial entrepreneur Steve Bennett, well known for creating global brands such as Gems TV and early internet success 

They discuss:

  • Business education vs traditional education
  • What is the number 1 attribute to look for in employees?
  • The real job of an CEO
  • Richard Branson's 3p’s
  • Analyzing your competitors vs blazing your own track
  • The biggest mistakes small business owners make
  • The importance of business cycles

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Apr 3, 2017

Jeremy Harbour has a career as a serial entrepreneur spanning over 20 years and countless company start-ups and acquisitions. He’s a leading expert in distressed business turnaround and creative deal structure and he’s also the author of ‘Go Do’: a book for people who have always wanted to start a business but been scared to make the leap.

They talk about:

How Jeremy went from being a market trader at 14 to having the most successful IPO on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2016

The importance of avoiding getting stuck in a rut

Exiting your business

+ lots, lots more!


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Mar 24, 2017

Dan Bradbury interviews Jamie Smart. A globally known writer, speaker, coach, trainer and the creator of the Clarity system to help individuals and organizations achieve more meaningful results with less stress, in less time.


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Mar 20, 2017

Dan Bradbury interviews author, property investor, podcaster and business owner Rob Moore about building business assets, profit, morning routines + much more.

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Jan 27, 2017

Dan Bradbury talks to NPE founder Sean Greeley about overcoming growth obstacles, productivity, and scaling a global business.


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Jan 20, 2017

Dan Bradbury speaks to performance coach Jairek Robbins about how business owners can improve every aspect of their lives including sleep, work/ life balance and daily habits and routines.

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Dec 23, 2016

Dan Bradbury, the UK's highest paid business coach and author of Breeding Gazelles talks to Daniel Priestly, the author of Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution and Oversubscribed about global small business trends, the life of a business owner and the role of technology in our lives.


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Dec 12, 2016

Dan Bradbury interviews 'Built to Sell' and 'The Automatic Customer' author John Warrillow about growing a profitable, resilient, sellable business.  

They cover topics such as understanding your reasons for starting a business and growth by acquisition.

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Nov 6, 2016


What kind of thinking do you need to take on to leap from small business to fast-growth gazelle business? 


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Oct 23, 2016

Dan Bradbury talks to Sixth Division's Brad Martineau about lifecycle marketing. How to plan your sales and marketing 'plays' and the common mistakes business owners make and how to overcome them. 


Sep 25, 2016

Dan Bradbury interviews Rob Moore from Progressive Property and The Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast on the most important lessons he has learned in business and how to move from 6 to 7 or even 8 figures.

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Sep 18, 2016

Dan Bradbury talks to the President of the Information Marketing Association Robert Skrob about the importance of customer engagement and retention. 


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Sep 11, 2016

Looking for a way to create more freedom in your life?


Online products give you a way to have more choice in your life. Dan Bradbury talks to Lazy Coach Creator James Lavers about how business owners can sell their knowledge online.


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Sep 3, 2016

Dan Bradbury talks to David Fagan, entrepreneur, international speaker, author of Guerrilla Parenting and the host of the California Cable TV show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur.


If you think you're business would improve  if you had more influence, credibility and exposure in your industry then listen and learn about social proof, positioning and getting fans. 

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Aug 28, 2016

Discover how to stop leaving so much money on the table and plug all the profit leaks in your business. 


Dan Bradbury and Darcy Juarez talk about Traditional Advertising Vs Direct Response and show how simple changes can add up to large rewards over time.

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Aug 2, 2016

Dan Bradbury, the UK's Highest Paid Business Coach, speaks with the legendary Peter Sage, serial entrepreneur. philosopher and speaker.


Jul 17, 2016

How can you grow your business and maximize its value? Is it about more leads and sales or something deeper? 

The UK's highest paid business coach Dan Bradbury interviews Keith J Cunnigham, the man who was the inspiration for Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad.

This episode is packed with grade-a business-building strategies and insights. 

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Jun 30, 2016

In this episode, Dan speaks to Success Mastermind member Shaun Walsh about how he recently exited one of his businesses for a 6 figure sum.  This is a real, in-the-trenches tactical discussion. 


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Jun 18, 2016

James Sinclair, The Millionaire Clown, founded one of the UK's biggest and fastest growing leisure groups with over 300+ employees and in this episode he talks to Dan Bradbury about building a business dream team, raising finance, buying businesses + loads more! 


Jun 18, 2016

Dan tackles a host of questions from small business owners on subjects such as hiring a-player employees, negotiating with suppliers, running multiple businesses without getting burned out + loads more!

Why not go to and submit your own question for our next live Q&A coming up shortly? 

Jun 18, 2016

In this episode, we open our secret vault of high-octane business building information and share this talk from marketing legend Ryan Deiss on how to structure an irresistible offer and how to use 'little victories' to get more conversions. 

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