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Mar 10, 2018

This week we have the closest we’ll probably get to having royalty on the Business Growth Podcast.


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Penny Power OBE.


Penny is a published author, one of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs and a highly engaging and sought after speaker.


Penny founded Ecademy, the UK’s first social network for business, a fore-runner to LinkedIn which followed in 2002 and FaceBook in 2004.


She authored her book in 2009 entitled “Know Me, Like Me Follow Me: What Online Social Networking Means for You and Your Business.


Penny has been married since 1990 to Thomas Power (our guest last week LINK) and has three children: Hannah born in 1992, Ross in 1994 and TJ in 1997.


Penny is no stranger to the media spotlight and regularly speaks at conferences and events and writes for press across the globe.


Understanding the small business market has resulted in Penny being sought out to advise small business owners, and the Government on issues relating to the challenges that are critical to small business success.


Recently Penny has been speaking and commentating on the changing face of society and the affect the Born Digital Generation should have on the business environment if they are given a chance to enter the commercial world and listened to by business leaders. Penny talks about the asset of Social Capital and how we must seek to grow this as well as our human and financial capital.


More recently Penny has been working on an innovative new idea, The Business Café® (LINK) which will bring social networking to the High Street via a network of Business Cafés dedicated to SME’s, run and managed by Young Adults being trained in giving Digital and Fintech Skills to the local business community.


This is yet another fascinating conversation on how your business can stand out in the digital age regardless of whether you yourself are a fan of social media or not.


This is a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion that will reward repeat listening.

Enjoy the show!

  • over four months ago
    Sally Saunby
    Thankyou Dan for this wonderful podcast and this amazing woman that did not understand her own worth.
    She seemed really humble and creating a unit for business people is great. Thankyou for emailing me and your wonderful book.

    I would like to educate myself more about blogging.
    Penny seemed an amazing woman and how wonderful she is.

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