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Business is an intellectual sport and we're here to teach you the rules. Hear Dan share the secrets of fast-growth businesses. Whether it's hiring employees, generating more revenue, buying and selling businesses or just making more money and having more quality time then the Business Growth Podcast will show you the way.
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Aug 22, 2018

This interview is taken from the live recording of a recent Success Mastermind event in the UK.

Marcus and Paul Fitzgerald run Richmond Oak Conservatories and have been private mastermind members of mine for almost 3 years now.

In that time, they have gone from just working for wages and barely scrapping by to two of the last three quarters of the best in the company’s ten year history. Including one of those quarters where they did more revenue than in the previous 12 months combined.

In this short interview the shares:

  • Why they sacked their number 1 sales person and never looked backed
  • Which numbers to analyze to have the biggest impact on your business
  • How a few small tweaks to their formal process transformed their sales
  • Why you should never ever believe the hype that comes from those who come with a vested interest
  • How to get key employees of a competitor to come and work for you
  • Plus much, much more!!

There is so much great stuff in this interview. Because it was recorded at a live event, there are a few spots missing due to the audio quality not being ideal, but hopefully you’ll feel the quality of information will more than make up for it.

Aug 20, 2018

This case study is taken from the live recording of a recent Success Mastermind event in the UK.

Rob Stone runs a loft conversion company and has been a Private Mastermind member for almost 2 years now.  

But in that time he has grown from about £10k per month in revenue to £20k per month in PROFIT

In this short interview he shares:

  • Why his first business plan was laughed at
  • How he was able to expand across the UK and go from 2 to 6 teams on the road.
  • How a solicitors mistake enabled him to slash costs by 75%
  • Getting exposure to over 2 million prospects for just a few thousand pounds
  • Plus much, much more
Aug 13, 2018
If you want your company to grow fast… your team must grow fast too!
Not just hiring the right people, but how do you actually get the very best performance out of them to?
And in this episode I discuss exactly that with David Bonney of
David and I go back many years since he’s been helping many of the fastest growing company’s in america to lean how to hire better quality people to perform a better level more of the time.
Do not underestimate this skill. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and many more of the worlds most successful company founders have said “take away our top people and we would very quickly become an average company” or words to that effect.
In this interview we discuss it all.
If you want to get the matching pdf case study download that goes with this episode you want to go to